What Are We Proposing?
  • 14 x 3MW Turbines
  • Turbine tip height 125 metres
  • Underground cabling
  • Indicative average wind speed 7.8 m/s (source: Garrad Hassan)
  • Indicative annual output: 114 GWh (source: Garrad Hassan)
  • Expected to supply the needs of up to 29,000 NE Region homes
  • Indicative CO2 savings up to: 45,000 tonnes p.a.
  • Decommissioning after 25 years
Why This Location?
  • The North East region is one of the best wind resource areas in England
  • We have invested years of research into identifying the most appropriate sites for wind farm development within the North East region
  • This work has taken into account Government, National,Regional and Local policies and current wind farm development technical guidelines
  • We have undertaken detailed studies of the North East Region to identify all the high level development constraints such as Statutory Designations, Aviation, Ecological, Residential Amenity and Transportation
  • From this work we have concluded that the Middleton Burn site is one of the most suitable sites within the North East Region for development as a wind farm
  • We strongly believe that the benefits of generating electricity at Middleton Burn from a self-replenishing, and non-polluting natural resource will outweigh any local impacts of the proposed wind farm

Where Is the site?
The Middleton burn wind farm site is located in a valley of grazed grassland more than 2km north west of the village of Belford, Northumberland as shown on the maps below:
The site takes its name from Middleton Burn, which runs through it. The indicative locations for the proposed wind turbines, shown in the map below, are not subject to any statutory or non statutory designations and have limited ecological interest.